Why do I need a website?

A website is like a virtual salesman.  Instead of paying commission or a salary you have a one off cost to build the website and allow it work on your behalf.

A website with DM Web Solutions is a great investment as we can build you an excellent, highly functioning website that looks amazing for you and visitors.

Companies spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on designing, creating and distributing brochures and other marketing material. With a website, it is all done in one place. Potential customers can find out about you and your products online.

Most people of this generation want to check out the website first before they even contact the business.

A website designed by DM Web Solutions will be integrated with Search Engine Optimisation.  This helps to drive traffic to your site and turn the visits into contacts. You then can transfer that into sales.

SEO integrated website = more visits = more contacts= more customers = more sales = more profit!

A website gives you and your company a professional image and raises the business value.

It also helps when you want to make connections with other companies and organisations.

First impressions count!

We can’t be in the office 24/7. (although I bet it feels that way sometimes)

With a website your clients can have access to information at all times. They can be in contact via email at any time. Wouldn’t it be nice to open your emails on Monday morning to new enquiries?

You can also keep your customers up to date with any news or updates about your company.

Use the buttons below to find out how our process works and what sort of package you may be looking for with your new website.

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What To Expect
What Package Do You Need?

Web Design Packages

Tailored Design

Basic Package

Fixed cost solution offering up to 10 pages. Website is fully personalised and includes everything you need to get online. Ideal for small to medium sized businesses looking for a cost effective website.

Bespoke Design

Custom-made Package

We work closely with our clients to create a fully editable design that is customised to your every need.

Unlimited pages and gallery functions designed to your individuals specifications.

E-Commerce Design

Online Shop Package

An excellent option if you wish to professionally sell products online. Your website will come with a fully functioning shop, basket and checkout. Content management and training will be included as well as ongoing support.

User Friendly Design

Content Management Package

If you require access to your site on a regular basis then this is the option for you. You can easily access and add to blogs, portfolios etc and make changes whenever required. Full training and support with be provided

The Basic Process


Packages to suit any business and budget.

Discuss your requirements with us and we will help you find the best solutions for your online needs.
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